Place a vinegar-soaked rag in your toilet – and watch the magic happen!

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Discover the power of vinegar as a cleaning product

Sit and watch the magic happen when you pour some vinegar into your toilet. You may want to let it soak or start scrubbing the edges of the bowl, but either way, you’ll see how quickly and easily stubborn stains disappear.

However, you want to ensure you use the right vinegar – and in our opinion, the best one to use is white vinegar.


Using vinegar as a cleaning product for your toilet is a seamless process. The only items you need is your white vinegar, some baking soda, and something to scrub your toilet with. Start by pouring a good amount of vinegar into the toilet bowl and then sprinkle some baking soda in after. As the ingredients bubble together, start scrubbing the sides of the bowl. Once you’ve done this, let the mixture soak for an extra 30 minutes before flushing. And voila! That’s it. You’re left with a beautifully clean toilet.

Don’t forget that putting your vinegar into a spray bottle will make it easier to control how much you use on the seat, toilet bowl, and tank!

However, this isn’t the only method to use with your vinegar!

Using a vinegar-soaked rag

If your toilet bowl is often full of limescale, you may want to use the vinegar rag method to try and reduce the buildup. Unlike when you use bleach, limescale will dissolve in acid liquids such as white vinegar. All you have to do is soak a rag with some vinegar and place it in your toilet bowl. It will use its acidity to dissolve the limescale and leave you with a gleaming toilet. It’s a simple solution that is also good for the environment.

When to use the vinegar-soaked rag

You won’t want your vinegar-soaked rag sitting in the bowl when you need to use the toilet, so the best time to use this solution is overnight. Since you are less likely to use the toilet then, it’s the best time. Just remember to take the rag out in the morning.