This Man Bought a New House and His Gut Told Him to Dig in The Backyard

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Buying a new property is always an exciting moment. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying your first or your 10th house, it’s just as thrilling to pick and choose. This firefighter couldn’t wait to move into his new home – and he ended up finding a huge surprise in his backyard!

American citizen John Smith was oblivious when he bought his new house. But this purchase ended up being the most astonishing moment of his life, thanks to some neighborhood rumors!  The previous owner had mentioned tales about something that might have been buried in the backyard.


John couldn’t ignore these rumors, he was too curious, so he decided to spring into action. He was prepared to do anything it takes to get to the bottom of this. He took a shovel, went to his back yard and started digging.

He quickly realized that he would need something bigger than a shovel. He had no idea what to look for but he ended up purchasing more powerful tools. He didn’t have a particular plan about where to dig exactly and how, so he ended up making small pits. After digging four of these he just ended up with a ruined lawn.

He was starting to worry that the thing he was looking for might have already been destroyed by his careless search. Exasperated, he stopped digging.

However, an idea suddenly struck him. Keep on reading to find out what he did next!