How can you tell if your sugar levels are too high?

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Walking around for too long with high blood sugar can be very dangerous.

When your body stops or drastically reduces its insulin production, your blood sugar level begins to climb. When you eat a meal that has a lot of carbohydrates, for instance, your body will naturally generate insuline. Blood sugar levels rise in response to ingesting carbohydrates, but they fall again when insulin is secreted. When your body doesn’t make enough insulin, this process doesn’t operate as well as it should. We will discuss the risks associated with high blood sugar levels are, and provide you with 10 warning signs to look out for.



If you have high blood sugar, it won’t be immediately fatal, but you need to take action quickly. When blood sugar levels remain too high for too long, they may cause harm to vital organs including the brain. Apart from that, you are more likely to have an infection, and having high blood sugar might lead to a coma. Knowing the warning signals of high blood sugar might help you catch the condition before it worsens.

Common symptoms of high blood sugar

1. Tiredness

High blood sugar often manifests itself in the form of fatigue, making it a potentially reliable early indicator. People without diabetes (or prediabetes) who eat a lot of simple carbohydrates, like sugar, might have a similar effect, but on a milder scale. It may be related to increased blood sugar levels if you sense tiredness shortly after eating, particularly if you ate a meal high in carbohydrates.

2. Frequent urination

When blood sugar levels go too high, the kidneys produce urine with an increased concentration of sugar. Additionally, they urinate out water with the sugar. The result is an increase in restroom breaks throughout the day.

3. Increased thirst

This is because your body is becoming dehydrated when you urinate more often. Constant thirst becomes a problem for most people. It’s a vicious cycle of dehydration; the more you urinate, the more thirsty you are, so you drink, and then you urinate again.