How to Grow Square Watermelons

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Who doesn’t love watermelons? They are a favorite in the hot months after all. Watermelons are a sweet and pretty healthy treat. They contain a lot of water and therefore help quench thirst. Have you ever tried eating some watermelon instead of having ice cream?


Watermelons come with a variety of health benefits as well. They contain a high amount of citrulline and lycopene, which are great for the heart and the blood. Furthermore, watermelons contain a lot of vitamin-A and we all know how important it is, to get plenty of vitamins. Just like carrots, watermelons are supposed to be good for the eyes and they contain a lot of potassium. This helps the muscles and protects you from soreness and cramps. A real superfood if you ask me!

We all know that watermelons are usually round, just like other types of melons. Have you ever seen a square watermelon before?

But fact is, that watermelons can be square. They look pretty cool if you ask me and it’s super impressive how nature can be shamed. In fact, watermelons aren’t the only round food that can be grown in a different shape. The same is true for other melons, pumpkins and even apples.

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