Put Onions Under Your Feet While You Sleep and See What Happens! You Will Thank Us!

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Onions have antibiotic properties and placing them beneath your feet increases the body’s ability to fight infections. Of course, it is important not to forget that this treatment is not suitable to replace prescription medications given to you by a doctor. Instead, this method works as an additional treatment and can lessen the unpleasant symptoms of your sickness.

5. Toxins

No matter how or where you live, toxins are found in all environments. Most of them are flushed out of our bodies quite quickly, while others accumulate in the blood and become harmful to our health. Onions contain phosphoric acid which helps the body cleanse itself from toxins. If you apply onions regularly, you can help your body become more vigorous and healthy.


4. The moisture content of the body

Onions contain a lot of moisture, in fact, 90% of the onion is actually water. Interestingly, our bodies have acupuncture points through which meridians that support the function of the organs pass. These acupuncture points help the meridians to equally distribute water around the body. Putting onions beneath your feet can help rehydrate the body. This is especially useful if you forgot to drink enough during the day.

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