Kristen Bell’s Daughter Might Be Our Saviour When It Comes To COVID-19!

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Kristen Bell is well-known for voicing Princess Anna’s from Frozen, but she’s also a mom of two lovely girls. With the lockdown, homeschooling became common everywhere, including celebrity households. The actress must know a secret or two about inspiring her kids to study because her younger daughter decided to pick up a difficult subject for a 5-year-old – namely, biochemistry!

Delta surprised her mom so much with her revelation, that she decided to upload the whole story to Instagram. Click on the next page to find out what the young scientist did to fight the pandemic!


The proud mom shared this funny image of her daughter, recalling how happy Delta was when she made her discovery. The image had to be censored to protect the young lady’s scientific image, but it’s a very sweet picture nonetheless. Delta was apparently inspired by the ongoing lockdown situation and was set to invent a vaccine for coronavirus herself! While the effectiveness of it is yet to be tested, we’re sure her efforts bring a smile to everyone’s face.

It’s possible that she was also motivated by her dad, Dax Shepard’s self-isolation. He had to stay separated from his family due to his recent travels, and Delta must have been very eager to see him again!

His self-quarantine was partially Bell’s idea, just to be on the safe side. But she and her daughters ended up missing the man of the house so much, they decided to surprise him with an impromptu serenade, to a song from Dear Evan Hansen!

Quarantine must be bearable in such a loving and fun household, don’t you think? If you enjoyed reading this short and sweet story, consider sharing it with friends!