This Lucky Girl Is Shocked By Her Boyfriend’s Amazing Gift

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What could be this surprising gift idea that Clara’s boyfriend, Brandon came up with?

Lovebirds Brandon and Clara have been an item for many years. Best friends and partners in life, they have their differences, just like any other couple. Clara is very much into fashion and enjoys dressing up for all kinds of occasions, while Brandon is more laid back and is less interested in his appearance. He prefers to sport a beard and long hair and looks very casual compared to his glam girlfriend.

Needless to say, Clara didn’t expect this at all!


The TV Show

The couple decided to try their luck by applying for a makeover episode in the American hit program, The Rachael Ray Show. They got in, but only Brandon knew what was going to happen, leaving Clara astounded. Sure, she expected a change, but this was more than she ever dreamed of!

The Unbelievable Revelation

Switching his looks up was not the only surprise Brandon had in mind for the love of his life. You’ll be amazed to see his brand new hair and outfit when he goes on stage, with Clara watching him speechlessly. And it’s not even the highlight of the show yet! She seems genuinely emotional and happy to see how smart Brandon looks, but what happens next has her tearing up.

He really planned out what his next move is going to be and you will see what that is if you click on the next page and check out the video of the young couple!