This Man Bought a New House and His Gut Told Him to Dig in The Backyard


He was surprised to discover a huge room under his back yard. But that’s not all – he found a whole network of tunnels.


It soon became evident that he found an underground nuclear bunker. During the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, many people became paranoid and commissioned such bunkers to be made under their homes.

So the pool construction company saw this as an opportunity and added the bunker to their product range. They already understood the basic technique needed to construct them, after all.

But what did John do to the bunker? The next step was the restoration. Since he needed additional money to accomplish this, he turned to GoFundMe. He posted a request, explaining his situation and stating that he needs financial help to restore an old bunker that he found in his back yard. The entrance of the bunker was the trickiest part, he estimated that he would need around 2000 dollars.

He had a message for everyone who helped him with a donation after he finished the entrance. He said that it’s safe to enter, and the staircase is finally ready!