This Man Bought a New House and His Gut Told Him to Dig in The Backyard


John had a new plan to search for this hidden “treasure”. He went to the town hall to get every possible information about his house. Most of these documents were the same John already knew about.


But thanks to a small sketchy drawing on one of the layouts, John found new information. According to the documents, in 1961 a company that built pools back asked for a building permit – but there was no pool in the back yard at all. Why did the company need this clearance at all?

Upon discovering the drawings, John understood that he needed to be much more careful with his search. He hired professionals to help him who brought the appropriate tools for the job. Thanks to the metal detectors, they finally made a discovery that would bring them closer to finding out what the “treasure” was exactly.

John was ecstatic when the detectors started to beep in two separate places. He marked the two spots accurately and he retired to rest for a bit and to plan for his next course of action.

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